Autumn’s Butterflies

by Sintheyah Siyarath

Laid down beside your inception
You wave good-bye, with a final bow.
Fluttering down the sun-kissed aisle.
The audience sits in silence.
            Time stops but not for long.
You inch closer to the end
As you glide in the breeze.
Edges curled together, hugging yourself tightly.
            Far from your own, but not quite alone –

The audience bustles once more.
Because your exit is a repeat performance,
            Every breeze creates a clone
                        Of vibrant canary smears
                                    Painting the ground below.
Alone in the wind, a graceful dancer
Left to congeal with the ocean upon the ground.

Autumn winks to give you your cue
As the leaves must fall, as they always do.

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