I Am Desperate to Waste Things

by Kelley Hess

Minor destruction makes
my mouth water

makes shattering a perfect
egg on the floor

ovoid to slippery
pool become invention
like finding a fat gold coin
even for a survival

expert like me there’s
always a leap of salt
in my palms

for the ruin of
a watermelon or birthday
cake as it splits

into pure texture
to be felt with

something besides a mouth
suddenly in seeing

a snag in fabric
with two hands
and no hesitation
unzip one into two

create a cusp of a thing
and exceed it

a before and after
crisp relief
lunging forward

a taste of alignment
or as soon as

a snag in fabric
the loneliness
of gratitude for

being given back
your life

only to realize
that this means
your mother
will, once more,
die before you.

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