In the Night

by Nicolas DelValle

You are awake in the night; a weight lies on your chest.
No one is conscious to help. The shadows are feasting.
You are being dragged under; you can summon no strength.
Your cry goes unheard.
The surface is undisturbed.

There is no light; you have no direction to swim.
There is no air; water fills your lungs.
There is no hope. You have drowned.
All that’s left is to sink.

You have found the bottom. You will become the bottom.
Other bodies float down with you.
You are buried.
You are the bedrock.
The others embrace you.
You can no longer move. You are no longer expected to.

Your heart beats
The shadows anticipate the dawn
Hugged tightly by your own warmth
You are awake
But you won’t move yet
To the whole world you are asleep
Only you know you’re awake
But eventually you must break free

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