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“The poet Niina Pollari has a book coming called Dead Horse, and in it is an amazing poem about debt—how she loves her debt and thinks about it as part of her physical being. Reading that poem...her voice really got in my head, and the notes that I had been jotting down on my phone for whatever my next poem would be became this poem. I owe this poem to Niina Pollari.”

—Justin Marks

Money Is an Energy

Justin Marks

Everybody is already
someone else
An existential tag line

Money is current

I would like to not live
paycheck to paycheck

You could make a pun on currency
but not quite

Money is an energy nonetheless

Dark space        Dark water

A long silent drive

Dark matter(s)

Driving is my personality

The methods of one wor(l)d revealing
the hidden harmonies of another

Prayer card      Lotto ticket      You occupy
my pocket

My payment has not arrived

Copyright @ 2014 by Justin Marks. Used with permission of the author. This poem appeared in Poem-a-Day on May 15, 2014.

Justin Marks

Justin Marks

Justin Marks is the author of You're Going to Miss Me When You're Bored (Barrelhouse Books, 2014) and A Million in Prizes (New Issues Poetry & Prose, 2009), which was chosen by Carl Phillips as the winner of the 2009 New Issues Poetry Prize. He is co-founder of Birds, LLC and lives in Queens, New York. 

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My natural instincts are hardly ever right. When I sleep there is a voice in my ear coming through a cheerleader's megaphone in a really bizarre language. I understand fully. The world is out the window. When we wake on the weekends and my wife wants sex, I say, the furniture is feline, let's just snuggle. Then I