The power, that gives with liberal hand
   The blessings man enjoys, while here,
And scatters through a smiling land
   The abundant products of the year;
      That power of nature, ever bless’d,
      Bestow’d religion with the rest.

Born with ourselves, her early sway
   Inclines the tender mind to take
The path of right, fair virtue’s way
   Its own felicity to make.
      This universally extends
      And leads to no mysterious ends.

Religion, such as nature taught,
   With all divine perfection suits;
Had all mankind this system sought
   Sophist would cease their vain disputes,
      And from this source would nations know
      All that can make their heaven below.

This deals not curses on mankind,
   Or dooms them to perpetual grief,
If from its aid no joys they find,
   It damns them not for unbelief;
      Upon a more exalted plan
      Creatress nature dealt with man—

Joy to the day, when all agree
   On such grand systems to proceed,
From fraud, design, and error free,
   And which to truth and goodness lead:
      Then persecution will retreat
      And man's religion be complete.

This poem is in the public domain