Song "I Feel Like Something's Changed" plays over a shot of a sidewalk full of people. The street sign says Sierra Bonita Ave. Shot of a black and white Guess by Marciano billboard. The woman on the billboard is reclining on a dock in a black bikini with black high heels and a zebra print cotton shirt that is being blown open by the wind. She has long blonde curly hair. Behind her is the sea. Behind the billboard are the Hollywood Hills and one lone palm tree. Shot of an intersection with a black Mazda zipping past. The building set against the blue sky is white with curliques and has red umbrella'd tables in front. The sign says "Milk" and each letter appears inside a different red milk bottle. The caption says "Milk Los Angeles, CA." As cars whiz through the intersection, Lauren's voice can be heard saying: "Oh my god I have to tell you something." Shot of Lauren's face. She is outdoors, wearing brown sunglasses and her hair is tied back with a blue Pucci headband. The caption says: "Lauren." The back of a blond woman's head can be seen sitting across from Lauren. The blond woman is out of focus and there is a red straw going from the barely visible tip of her sunglasses to the corner of the screen. "Audrina was at work today," continues Lauren. Her tongue flashes against her white teeth. "And Heidi walked into her work," says Lauren. She picks up her white Styrofoam cup. Shot of woman across from Lauren. The caption says: "Whitney." She is wearing large brown sunglasses with a lizard print frame. Her hair is tied back in little braids. Behind her cars are driving past. "Really?" she says, scrunching up her mouth. She puts something in her mouth. It's not viewable. She has a gold large ring on her middle finger. Shot of Lauren lifting her Styrofoam cup. Her fingernails are burgundy and short. "She came to give us invitations to her housewarming party," says Lauren. Shot of Whitney chewing with her mouth open. Whitney lifts up another piece of yellow looking food as she continues to chew. She says with her mouth full: "That's strange, does she really think you're gonna go?" She puts the yellow food in her mouth. Her fingernails are short and black. Shot of Lauren. Lauren makes a sound like "no" or "oh." She shakes her head slightly. "She can't think I'm gonna go," Lauren says. Shot of Whitney. "I feel bad not going," Whitney says slowly. She pulls a strand of hair out of her mouth. "But at the same time I just think I'd feel really uncomfortable being there." She picks up her drink and sips from the red straw. Shot of Lauren pursing her mouth. "She's in a different world," says Whitney. Lauren nods, barely. "Yeah," Lauren says in a low voice. Shot of Whitney chewing on her straw. "Oh well," Whitney says. "Hope she has fun." She slurps. Shot of Lauren. She is drinking. "So what are we doing tonight?" asks Whitney. Shot of Whitney. She tugs on her right ear. "We're going to Les Deux," says Lauren. "You should come." Shot of Lauren. Her chin is resting on her fingers. "Almost every time I go there I meet a cute guy," says Lauren. "Really?" asks Whitney. Shot of Whitney smiling. She looks over her shoulder at something out of the camera frame. "That sounds fun." She laughs. Shot of Lauren nodding. She smiles and laughs. Picks up her drink. A rap song begins.

Copyright © 2011 by Kate Durbin. Used with permission of the author.