Come, white angels, to baby and me;
     Touch his blue eyes with the image of sleep,
     In his surprise he will cease to weep;
Hush, child, the angels are coming to thee!

Come, white doves, to baby and me;
     Softly whirr in the silent air,
     Flutter about his golden hair:
Hark, child, the doves are cooing to thee!

Come, white lilies, to baby and me;
     Drowsily nod before his eyes,
     So full of wonder, so round and wise:
Hist, child, the lily-bells tinkle for thee!

Come, white moon, to baby and me;
     Gently glide o’er the ocean of sleep,
     Silver the waves of its shadowy deep:
Sleep, child, and the whitest of dreams to thee.

This poem appeared in Poems (Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1895). It is in the public domain.