I am an advertiser great!
In letters boldThe praises of my wares I sound,Prosperity is my estate;The people come,The people goIn one continuous,Surging flow.They buy my goods and come againAnd I'm the happiest of men;And this the reason I relate,I'm an advertiser great!
There is a shop across the wayWhere ne'er is heard a human tread,Where trade is paralyzed and dead,With ne'er a customer a day.The people come,The people go,But never there.They do not knowThere's such a shop beneath the skies,Because he does not advertise!While I with pleasure contemplateThat I'm an advertiser great.[Pg 1102]
The secret of my fortune liesIn one small fact, which I may state,Too many tradesmen learn too late,If I have goods, I advertise.Then people comeAnd people goIn constant streams,For people knowThat he who has good wares to sellWill surely advertise them well;And proudly I reiterate,I am an advertiser great!


This poem is in the public domain.