Captured! Along the beach those shouts reveal 
   The fisherman exultant victor! Hark! 
   The Karcharos, from out his crystalline, dark 
Blue lair by rud of flesh and lurking steel 
Bewrayed, hath ravined down with his last meal 
   Death as a gobbet. On the hot sand, stark, 
   He gasps and shudders agonizing. Mark! 
With horrible grin those bloody jaws appeal 
Unto his gloating murderers.—No more 
   Those serried ranks sextuple of fanged white 
Shall scare the shallows and appall the shore, 
   Never again wreak havoc and affright, 
Ranging the Gulf Stream, weltering in gore;— 
   Poor Shark! Man-eater! learn of Man, to fight.

This poem is in the public domain.