Scratch                                   NYC old guru
Don’t rent me out as a mosquito detour ooh

Non             want
Geritol, Vermont

From crazy brat reading Krazy Kat
To Kafkaesque this Kafkaesque that

Never saw “action” ransacked my dance act
Came up with                              a nance act

Trek                   aids
Sped up the decades

Loved                         ones

Full of      blubbery residents
Watching  rubbery  Presidents

And me, the figure in the carport, the proverbial carport
Unrafeened Laff Fiend                 dreaming of a far port

Of Chinatown torsos and fizzes
What                                    is is

Fields                        unfenced
Tomato plants to brush against


A whiff      tease
From the Fifties

Went around           in a fib haze
Never went through a lib phase

My whippet wants in                                                                            is in
Keeping tabs on bug-bite scabs                                        sniffs at my skin

Poems by Kenward Elmslie are used by permission of The Estate of Kenward Elmslie.