—“Eu ja vivo enjoado” up to ‘quebra’— 

O sopro é do vento
    we keep moving sopro
and voice pass and later
    and earlier chords always

   a turn to the percussive
or if they stay it’s in service
    of the beat of running
the percusion of meat
       and bones cracking

     and when we press
  the chamber of the cabaça
        seca against our stomachs
    tighten the wire around its

      stretch it taut before
  striking with our sticks we

      clandestinos hiding in the
dark or light or stringing

   in streets full of tourists
         or accompanying the

of gringo instructors
     who go ginga ginga ginga
 asking Angola or regional

      along with the radio
 um pedaço de arame
     um pedaço de pau de pé


     Toque de Angola
Toque de São Bento
          Pequeno Grande e de
Bimba Toque de Iuna we

         o compaço de aço
   o compaço do passo
o compaço da culpa do


After Nathaniel Mackey and Mestre Pastinha 


Copyright © 2018 Ananda Lima. This poem originally appeared in Hayden’s Ferry Review. Used with permission of the author.