Barbie Chang loves Evites Paperless
     Party Posts that host her

ego patch her holes she puts barrettes
     on her heart so other

people will see her will hear her her
     heart is made of hay is

disturbingly small held in it cage she
     is never late when invited

always ready for mimesis ready to put
     on her costume to

drink mimosas her heart smells like
     moth balls jumps at

every broth bell her heart growls more
     each day she trims it with

a number two it’s messy work missing
     her aorta by a little bit

her heart is always sort of bleeding she is
     always waiting for

invitations once she heard the Circle
     planning a birthday party

for a daughter she stationed herself
     sipped water for days

waiting for the Evite leaving her Kindle
     on as a nightlight it

glowed a blue garden on the ceiling she
     let her guard down it

never made a ringing sound when you
     brush a child’s hair the

mother can also feel the pain she heard
     the ice skating party

was a hit little girls going in figure
     eights their breath

coming out in clouds shaped like
     little white hearts

From Barbie Chang (Copper Canyon Press, 2017). Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Chang. Used by permission of The Permissions Company, Inc., on behalf of Copper Canyon Press,