garbage-gut humans should not continue ourselves

it can only come a frightful cropper

hairbulbs what I mistook to be      a form in nature

albatross w/ plastics crowding thir gut

what julie patton is callin superfraja-lilly-of-the-valley

veronica heterophilia    snapdragon nature preserve

pulp them                       shropshire constabulary

quing of haven                              sailing for caracas        sissy jesus-hag

point to the exact place where the fly shd go   in the ballo underpants

just where the shapes                              come to a point   triangularly

15 thousand fish dead at the mouth of tha mississipp

planes go sipsip               saying to the poor people

walk fa-ast!                     walk like yr on hot co-als!

matisse had to get up real close                       to see that was a burd

turned that viol de gamba right fwds               & added a noose

even more clîché than             peaches inna bowl

curvy long pear stem and                 butterdish suspended

in air                      perhaps the stem is penetrating a clear butter dish

conrad suggested                  & I knew I was being drawn

into a funhouse of mirrors but I cdnt stop

odilon   redon               roger & angelica

why I am against breeding

From Of Mongrelitude. Copyright © 2017 by Julian Talamentez Brolaski. Used with permission of the author and Wave Books.