When the moonlight's on the mountain
    And the gloom is on the glen,
  At the cross beside the fountain
    There is one will meet thee then.
  At the cross beside the fountain;
    Yes, the cross beside the fountain,
  There is one will meet thee then!

  I have braved, since first we met, love,
    Many a danger in my course;
  But I never can forget, love,
    That dear fountain, that old cross,
  Where, her mantle shrouded o'er her—
    For the winds were chilly then—
  First I met my Leonora,
    When the gloom was on the glen.

  Many a clime I've ranged since then, love,
    Many a land I've wandered o'er;
  But a valley like that glen, love,
    Half so dear I never sor!
  Ne'er saw maiden fairer, coyer,
    Than wert thou, my true love, when
  In the gloaming first I saw yer,
    In the gloaming of the glen!

This poem is in the public domain.