Poem as Screenplay: Six Video Collaborations

Poets.org Asks: "Who was the first poet you fell in love with?"

Blaney Lecture: The Whispered Rush, Telepathy of Archives
by Susan Howe

2010 Blaney Lecture
by Anne Carson

Breaking the Line, Breaking the Narrative
by Rita Dove, Ron Padgett and Sharon Olds

Regional Aesthetics & Sensibility in American Poems
by Cate Marvin, Gabrielle Calvocoressi and Matthew Dickman

Poetry and Place
by Lyn Hejinian

Seriously Funny
by Kay Ryan and others

Sincerely Ironic
by Olena Kalytiak Davis and others

Situation One
by Claudia Rankine

A Poem's Source
by Anthony Hecht

A Religion of Noticing Things
by Ada Limón

A Tribute to Daniel Halpern
by John Ashbery and others

The Poetics of Multi-tasking
by Tina Chang

Chickens and the Funnies
by Kay Ryan

Claudia Rankine on Great Poems
by Claudia Rankine

Danger and Difficulty in Poetry
by Louise Glück

On "Pure Poetry"
by Lyn Hejinian

Dictating the Form
by Edward Hirsch

Having a Master
by C. K. Williams

Hejinian, Padgett, Phillips & Ryan on "Wild & Strange Language"

On Political Poetry
by Rita Dove and Edward Hirsch

Learning Your Own Language
by W. S. Merwin

Letter to a Young Poet
by Mark Wunderlich

"Marketing Life for Those of Us Left"
by Ada Limón

The Autobiographical Self
by Sharon Olds

The Other Twenty-Three Hours
by John Ashbery

On Inspiration
by Naomi Shihab Nye

"Heaven Letter"
by Mark Wunderlich

"Lady Lazarus" and the Received Form
by Frank Bidart

The Gift Economy of Poetry
by Robert Hass

The Miraculous Thing To Do
by Louise Glück

The Musical Influence
by Rita Dove