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Joy shakes me like the wind that lifts a sail,
Like the roistering wind
That laughs through stalwart pines.
It floods me like the sun
On rain-drenched trees
That flash with silver and green.

I abandon myself to joy—
I laugh—I sing.
Too long have I walked a desolate way,
Too long stumbled down a maze


This poem is in the public domain. Published in Poem-a-Day on February 6, 2022, by the Academy of American Poets.

About this Poem

“Joy” appeared in Opportunity IV, no. 26 (October 1926).


Clarissa Scott Delany

Clarissa Scott Delany was a poet, essaysist, and social worker associated with the Harlem Renaissance movement. She died in 1927.

Date Published: 1926-01-01

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