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luam, new york

The flies, six
in a metallic pile, identical
green, identical
bristle & gaud.

To see so clearly
the science
in their suits.

And yesterday, the woman
asking, Are you twins?

My sister & I, whose
mothers are different,
whose years are.

From a distance,
are we, species by species,
identical? Each other.
Our needs & moving. Dear Fly,

my Other Life out
splintering, involved
in the evolution:

we are like siblings,
you & I, separated
by many years, & rooms.


Aracelis Girmay, "luam, new york" from The Black Maria. Copyright © 2016 by Aracelis Girmay. Used by permission of BOA Editions, Ltd.,


Aracelis Girmay

Aracelis Girmay's most recent book is the black maria (BOA, 2016). The recipient of a 2015 Whiting Award for poetry, she is the Writer-in-Residence at Pratt Institute and lives in Brooklyn.

Date Published: 2016-04-01

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