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Still do the stars impart their light   
To those that travel in the night;   
Still time runs on, nor doth the hand   
Or shadow on the dial stand;   
The streams still glide and constant are:
      Only thy mind   
      Untrue I find,   
      Which carelessly   
      Neglects to be   
Like stream or shadow, hand or star.
Fool that I am! I do recall   
My words, and swear thou'rt like them all,   
Thou seem'st like stars to nourish fire,   
But O how cold is thy desire!   
And like the hand upon the brass
      Thou point'st at me   
      In mockery;   
      If I come nigh   
      Shade-like thou'lt fly,   
And as the stream with murmur pass. 


This poem is in the public domain.


William Cartwright

William Cartwright was an English poet and dramatist. His poems and plays were collected in Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, with Other Poems (Humphrey Moseley) in 1651. He passed away in Oxford, England, on November 29, 1643.

Date Published: 1651-01-01

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