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On Being Told Prayer Is a Crutch

So what if it is?
Clear days, I understand it,
molecules scatter azure
light from an in-his-feelings-
sun,  that’s why
the sky is blue. We know
too much, or want to.
Not the Bible, but the i-
Phone tells us so.
Devotion doesn’t work
that way, but it does. Not 
the path, per se, for me
though, a trail back to grace-
fully living with one’s light
shone toward higher
axioms than I 
can presently see.
It’s the immediacy
of a just-thought
thought, thundering
into a device
of my own decided making,
prayer. You know it as Siri.
I call it instant intimacy.


From Silencer (Mariner Books, 2017). Copyright © 2017 by Marcus Wicker. Used with permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


Marcus Wicker

Marcus Wicker is the author of Silencer (Mariner Books, 2017). He teaches at the University of Memphis.

Date Published: 2017-10-02

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