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To One of the Brave

Written While a Soldier, at Fort Washakie, Wyo., for First Sergeant William Barnes, Troop "F," 10th Cavalry, on the Occasion of His Forthy-Fifth Birthday

Though forty-five long years, you say, 
Have silvered o'er your head with gray, 
Your friends rejoice, to-day, that you 
Stand hale and hearty in your "blue."

Long for Old Glory you have stood
With truest sense of brotherhood; 
Long may you live a useful life—
Noble and true in peace of strife. 


This poem is in the public domain. 

About this Poem

"To One of the Brave" originally appeared in Voices of Solitude (Donohue & Company, 1903)


Lucian B. Watkins

Lucian B. Watkins was born in Chesterfield, Virginia in 1879. The author of Voices of Solitude (Donahue & Company, 1903), he worked as a teacher and served in World War I. He died in 1921.

Date Published: 1903-01-01

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