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the great american yellow poem

she heard tales about saving grapefruit skins for cooking
she grew bright under the neon dragon of Chinatown
she made saffron curry rice for friends
she attended a barbecue in Amarillo, Texas
she stepped around yellow piss in snow
she cut herself on a Hawaiian pineapple
she learned to name forsythia where it grew
visions of ochre and citronella eluded her


From Crazy Melon and Chinese Apple by Frances Chung, published by Wesleyan University Press. Copyright © 2000 by the estate of Frances Chung. Reprinted by permission of Wesleyan University Press. All rights reserved.


Frances Chung

Frances Chung was born and raised in Chinatown, New York. Her manuscripts were posthumously compiled and published as Crazy Melon and Chinese Apple: The Poems of Frances Chung (Wesleyan University Press, 2000).

Date Published: 2000-01-01

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