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Punctum / Metaphor

Love remains a kind of present tense. This is how we describe the scenes in photographs—as though the actions in them were still happening. My father is throwing a rock in this picture. My father keeps lions in his chest & they rip apart a gazelle in this picture.

A man throwing a rock; the image holds an old grammar. This rock has yet to leave the hand, to measure the horizontal span from A to B. Nor has it completed the vertical distance from first line to last line, riding a tangle of syntax. The photograph captures a skirmish in the West Bank town of Nablus; the man hurling the rock is my father insofar as Juliet is the sun.


From You Ask Me to Talk About the Interior. Copyright © 2016 by Carolina Ebeid. Used with the permission of the author.


Carolina Ebeid

Carolina Ebeid is the author of You Ask Me to Talk About the Interior (Noemi Press, 2016).

Date Published: 2016-01-01

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