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Ode to Country Music

If I wasn't such a deadbeat, I'd learn Greek.
    I wouldn't write sonnets; I'd write epics
and odes. I'd love a man who was
    acceptable and conformed to every code.
I'd put together my desk and write my epic or ode
    at sunset over my suburb. How I would love my shrubs!
But all I do is listen to country (and the occasional Joni)
    and smoke. Judge me judge me
judge me. Oh I've been through the shallows.
    I shallow. I hope. I hole. I know
I wrote you the most brutal love poem that knows.


Copyright @ 2014 by Sandra Simonds. Used with permission of the author. This poem appeared in Poem-a-Day on August 19, 2014.

About this Poem

“I wrote this poem last summer which was spent mostly getting myself into trouble and listening to country music on my record player. So, I guess this is a little love poem that celebrates the laziness of the summer season and the remarkable beauty of everyday life that much of country music can convey so well.  In addition, I think this poem is also a gentle critique of poetic ambition.”

—Sandra Simonds


Sandra Simonds

Sandra Simonds is the author of Orlando (Wave Books, 2018).

Date Published: 2014-08-19

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