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One Last Prayer

Let me wait, my dear,
One more day,
Let me linger near,
Let me stay.
Do not bar the gate of draw the blind
Or lock the door that yields,
Dear, be kind!

I have only you beneath the skies
To rest my eyes
From the cruel green of the fields
And the cold, white seas
And the weary hills
And the naked trees.
I have known the hundred ills
Of the hated wars.
Do not close the bars,
Or draw the blind.
I have only you beneath the stars:
Dear, be kind!


This poem is in the public domain.


Ford Madox Ford

Often associated with the Imagist movement, Ford Madox Ford was the author of numerous poetry collections, including New Poems (William Edwin Rudge, 1927). He fought in World War I from 1915 to 1917 and died in 1939.

Date Published: 2018-11-11

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