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Untitled [A house just like his mother's]

A house just like his mother's,
But made of words.
Everything he could remember
Inside it:
Parrots and a bowl
Of peaches, and the bright rug
His grandmother wove.

Shadows also—mysteries
And secrets.
Only ghosts patrol.
And did I mention
Strawberry jam and toast?

Did I mention
That everyone he loved
Lives there now,

In that poem
He called "My Mother’s House?"


From City of Poetry by Gregory Orr. Copyright © 2012 by Gregory Orr. Reprinted with permission of Sarabande Books, Inc. All rights reserved.


Gregory Orr

The author of numerous collections of poetry, Gregory Orr is considered by many to be a master of short, lyric free verse.

Date Published: 2012-01-01

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