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Who Makes Love to Us After We Die

I turn on the radio and hear horses, girls becoming women after tragedy. Talk about dreams! His heart was covered in a thin shell the color of the moon, and when touched, I’d grow old. The best movies have a philosophy, Dorothy, after being subjected to witch-on-girl violence, is rescued. Someone hung himself on that set, a man, who loved, but couldn’t have a certain woman. Management said it was a bird. The best movies begin with an encounter and end with someone setting someone free. In Coppola’s version of Dracula my favorite scene is when the camera chases two women through a garden and watches them kiss. I made love to a man who asked, after many years, for me to choke him, so that later, cleaning a kitchen cabinet, I read a recipe he’d written into wood, and I had a hard time believing him.


Copyright © 2017 by Diana Marie Delgado. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on January 23, 2017, by the Academy of American Poets.

About this Poem

“This prose poem is part of a series of nonfiction poems that draw upon popular culture and my personal experiences to highlight issues of violence and subjugation toward women.”
—Diana Marie Delgado


Diana Marie Delgado

Diana Marie Delgado is the author of Tracing the Horse (BOA Editions, 2019). She is the literary director of the Poetry Center at the University of Arizona and lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Date Published: 2017-01-23

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