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“from The Sky Forever” [to say your land vanished]

to say your land vanished               into thinness                              scrap under your feet

when the name                                 feels the same in the mouth   who is the most hysterical person

to say I was never meant to            the origin moment                    do you remember laughing

be about poetry’s originating         in childhood trauma                  when the first American boot 

hit the ground in a cloud                of dust maybe before that         you’re killing me   











Copyright © 2018 Kimberly Alidio. This poem originally appeared in Hayden’s Ferry Review. Used with permission of the author.



Kimberly Alidio

Kimberly Alidio is the author of The Sky Forever (Writ Large/The Accomplices), which is forthcoming in 2019, and After projects the resound (Black Radish, 2016).

Date Published: 2019-01-28

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