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Chanukah Hymn

Lord, the true that follow thee
     Beam in vict’ry’s radiant light,
Fill’d their hearts with joyous glee,
     Even in the darkest night.

Roaring billows wild and fleet,
     Onward pressed the enemy’s band;
Israel’s remnant Jacob’s seat,
     How wilt thou their might withstand?

Rise ye heroes, rise to fight
     For your standard, truth divine,
Not by numbers nor by might,
     By his spirit ye shall shine.

And inspired by such appeal
     Ev’ry man to hosts increased;
And they fought with holy zeal
     Till the tyrant-hold released.

Lord, thy truth, thy holy love,
     Is our cherish’d banner still;
And in faith for evermore,
     Thy command we follow will.


This poem is in the public domain.


Adolph Huebsch

Scholar, author, and rabbi Adolph Huebsch was born on September 18, 1830, in Hungary and, as a student, participated in the Hungarian revolution of 1848 and 1849. After receiving his PhD in Judaic studies from Prague University, he became a rabbi and moved to New York in 1866. Huebsch, who was then already a noted figure in Jewish and Rabbinical scholarship, became a leader in the Jewish community in New York. In 1877, Huebsch translated, compiled, and published a collection of proverbs, Gems from the Orient (Russell Brothers), and went on to publish works on Hebrew texts, as well as a volume containing his sermons. He died on October 10, 1884, in New York City.

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