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Prefix: Finding the measure

Finding the measure is finding the mantram,
is finding the moon, as index of measure,
is finding the moon's source;

                                         if that source
is Sun, finding the measure is finding
the natural articulation of ideas.

                                              The organism
of the macrocosm, the organism of language,
the organism of I combine in ceaseless naturing
to propagate a fourth,
                               the poem,
                                               from their trinity.

Style is death. Finding the measure is finding
a freedom from that death, a way out, a movement

             Finding the measure is finding the
specific music of the hour,
                                     the synchronous
consequence of the motion of the whole world.


From Red Actions: Selected Poems 1960-1993. Copyright © 1995 by Robert Kelly. Used by permission of the author.


Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly was born in Brooklyn, New York, on September 24, 1935,

Date Published: 1995-01-01

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