The Scarlet Ibis, Section VII

Once, I got lost, 
flew over that place,
saw the tourists in their wrinkled  pastels.
The memorial between the barracks B 
The bronze barbed-wire figures twisted
to torment, the wedged-shaped
building, its barred entrance,
the strip of marble extending
through a hole in the roof,
the menorah resting at the top.
I felt weak
and landed on it.
No one could believe what they saw B 
me resting there B 
so they pretended not to see.
I stood for much more than a moment,
watched all those bare legs 
move from spot to spot,
thought how much I needed
to find a way back
to my flock.

And you expect me to believe this?

As I do you  
and do not.

From The Scarlet Ibis by Susan Hahn. Copyright © 2007 by Susan Hahn. Published 2007 by Northwestern University Press. Used with permission..