Poetry for the People

before the unicorn
becomes the spokesperson. 

before all are honored 
the same way 
only white men once were. 

before the poets 
form a country club. 

before the reading turns 
into rage revival. 

before the word 
loses itself in words. 

before verse 
synonymous with propaganda. 

before it all sours literal. 

before metaphor solely 
an escape route. 

before we sacrifice humanity 
for definition. 

before everyone entitled 
to pass judgement. 

before stories silenced
by pedestal riots. 

before self lost forever 
writing for praise. 

before the body 
is taken from us again. 

before you throw away 
that folded love in cursive. 

before you give up 
on stating your raw 
for future’s sake. 

before you stop 
letting the seep 
of beauty
transform your
with the wind. 

dictators make game 
of way. 

before cause 
shuts the mouth. 

before possibility 
is only in poems. 


From Well Played (Not a Cult, 2020) by Beau Sia. Copyright © 2020 by Beau Sia. Used with the permission of the publisher.