Poem Not to Be Read at Your Wedding

You ask me for a poem about love 
in place of a wedding present, trying to save me 
money.  For three nights I’ve lain 
under glow-in-the-dark stars I’ve stuck to the ceiling 
over my bed.  I’ve listened to the songs 
of the galaxy.  Well, Carmen, I would rather 
give you your third set of steak knives 
than tell you what I know.  Let me find you 
some other, store-bought present.  Don’t  
make me warn you of stars, how they see us 
from that distance as miniature and breakable 
from the bride who tops the wedding cake 
to the Mary on Pinto dashboards 
holding her ripe, red heart in her hands.     


Copyright © Beth Ann Fennelly. Used with permission of the author.