Of something, separate, not 
Whole; a role, something to play 
While one is separate or parting; 

Also a piece, a section, as in
Part of me is here, part of me 
Is missing; an essential portion,

Something falling to someone 
In division; a particular voice 
Or instrument (also the score

For it), or line of music; 
The line where the hair 
Is parted. A verb: to break 

Or suffer the breaking of, 
Become detached, 
Broken; to go from, leave, 

Take from, sever, as in 
Lord, part me from him, 
I cannot bear to ever

Forthcoming in Mercury (Penguin, 2001); originally published in The New Yorker. Reprinted with permission by Penguin Books. Copyright © 2001. All rights reserved.