A Memorial

In Memory of Frederick Douglass 

In mem’ry of your truly noble life;
        In mem’ry of the cause for which you fought; 
In mem’ry of your fierce and bitter strife;
        In mem’ry of the lasting good you wrought; 

In mem’ry of the talents, really great, 
       That found a home within your massive brains
And swayed the thousands of each town and State
        Who heard your forceful oratory strains;

I offer now these simple words of praise—
      This chord I touch to sound your honor’s due—
The pathway of your truly useful days
    Shines now a grand and brilliant light for you. 



This poem is in the public domain. 

About this Poem

“A Memorial” originally appeared in Voices of Solitude (Donohue & Company, 1903)