Green Rainbow Song

Hung up on
my hearing
and deep in whose
one too many
nights and never
a black-out
Doing the best
I can, only a man
It hurts me too
Blues in the night
Verlaine Blues
sitting here thinking
a blues for Anne
(all nerves)
and mine
the most dirty
afternoon jags
A freshly penned
lyric for sinking
to autumnal
atlantean shade
I wish us more luck
I wish my little
tiger lily sheltered
in a clear crystal
box (being carried)
Green pearl-handled
mallets edging
the annunciation
toward a new burn
The chamber of maiden
thought is metered
Big fields
villagers, stars
on the back-lot blues
it’s the smoke spot
I shade softest
a curve so tight
its really blind
the chamber gives
way to the word
in this case (mine)


Copyright @ 2014 by Cedar Sigo. Used with permission of the author.

About this Poem

“Last year I began to secretly think of myself as a songwriter rather than a poet. 'Green Rainbow Song' is a poem that feels obsessed with its resemblance to music. It begins with music as its topic (with a few borrowed lyrics and titles slipped in) but by the second half it seems to build into the thing itself. I think this was my attempt at writing a standard, a poem I would like to hear ‘covered’ by other poets.” 

—Cedar Sigo