Feelings are Rooms

                                                   After Kabir Carter, Bard College, 26 June 2018


Feeling knives the microphone to cauterize flesh        it amplifies 


Crackles the abrasive metal fabric


Blowtorches feedback hold and heel


Throttles and pauses the cord-pull


Lulls to lunge in transmission      back seat pocket


Alones the sound crowd


Accumulates the solitary intention of hooded jacket front punch


Zippers the match stick ignite


Handcuffs the thick slide probe with plastic tie


Zones between foot and huddle


Shrills the retreat from acted upon          or was it repeat


Tools the self animation 


Insomuch as the metal scrim


On denim is able to inhale


Skin-howl    blister   swipe


Caresses and so abrogates as to grip therefore


Larynxes stride and light step


Dry touch enveloping to self anoint


Tag      identify       anatomy     pulse


Whether pleasure or pain              it  collapses


Second human shell the cosmos


Automaton guest or X


Feeling that ligaments today in predation


It houses       it afflicts         it encircles


Copyright © 2019 by Roberto Tejada. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on November 6, 2019, by the Academy of American Poets.

About this Poem

“In work that inspires my own, sound artist Kabir Carter enlivens architectural space by means of gestures and amplified acoustics (‘Underperformances’), his body interacting with microphone, mixer, and loudspeaker. ‘Feelings Are Rooms’ was the title given to Carter’s yearlong residency at ISSUE Project Room. During his 2018 performance at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, I drafted language that would later give voice to brutal forms of sonic intimacy, to the limits of amplitude, and to my unlearning… but also to a refutation of the present as a preordained horizon.”
Roberto Tejada