Christmas Morn

How sad, how glad,
   The Christmas morn!
Some say, “To-day
   Dear Christ was born,
        And hope and mirth
        Flood all the earth;
Who would be sad
   This Christmas morn.”

How glad, how sad,
   The Christmas morn!
“To-day,” some say
   Dear Christ was born,
        But oh! He died;
        Was crucified!
Who could be glad
   This Christmas morn!

Or glad, or sad,
   This Christmas morn,
To some will come
   A joy new-born.
        The fleeting breath
        To some bring death,—
How glad, how sad
   This Christmas morn.


This poem was published in In the Land of Fancy and Other Poems (F. T. Neely, 1902). This poem is in the public domain.