Boxing Day

(for Anni, In Memoriam Madonna)

Today is Boxing Day
in an isle parts of us hail from
surely not homage to Sugar Ray
or container congloms

Coming up
Two Zero Zero Two
fast forward spin
of daily round hurtling
through eons in a muddle
of survivors amid loss

we’ll miss out on
Three Zero                       Zero Three
the next esthetically balanced annum

my wish list 
future free of media speak

to decram landfill
will our remains circle a black sun
in cosmos-proof microchips

Madonna stay put
trajectory complete
idyll of seasons over
poets and cats and poets’ cats
warrant a corner
so rememberers can beat back
the voracious hurtling
grounded for an instant
as fleet as a final sigh


Poems by Kenward Elmslie are used by permission of The Estate of Kenward Elmslie.