[Aeons quest eye on]

Aeons quest eye on  
                     prob limp race  
      Eeeee burrow @ a tomb  
well arm’d glossy head Head limp 
hearT                   Never met a muscle couldn’t raptivate
        H                            inside    y/our dark neat holdshout
        R                  O                  if ever words would 
        B                   Free me 
                                        From your open book 
                   Writing in Soil  
                                          Heartheartheartearthearth glad to bee
    a live wing


Copyright © 2023 by Julie Ezelle-Patton. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on August 30, 2023, by the Academy of American Poets. 

About this Poem

“I, imp, rove eyes and ear, thank on my feet in response to heart tugs (invitations). In this sense, all I do/make-do is giving back—the gift—in response to the gift of being invited; in this case a little birdie named Divya Victor summoned me and I responded. Thank you.”
—Julie Ezelle-Patton