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If you could send a valentine to a poet from the past, who would it be? We asked Dorothea Lasky, Randall Mann, Dawn Lundy Martin, Camille Rankine, Jillian Weise, and Matthew Zapruder this very question. They shared their answer—and their homemade valentines with us. Take a look.


Valentine: Dorothea Lasky to H. D.

Dorothea Lasky Valentine


Valentine: Randall Mann to Thom Gunn.

Randall Mann Valentine


Valentine: Dawn Lundy Martin to Wanda Coleman.

Dawn Lundy Martin


Valentine: Camille Rankine to Anne Sexton.

Camille Rankine


Valentine: Jillian Weise to Thomas Wyatt.

Jillian Weise


Valentine: Matthew Zapruder to Vasko Popa

Matthew Zapruder

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